Saturday, April 24, 2010

lovely saturday

im excited to go to fenway park tonight. it's been a long time.

david sleeps on the couch sometimes which is nice for him and the dogs, whatever, but this morning he was there on the couch on the first floor sleeping and the dogs both came up to my room on the third floor to ask me for morning kibble and to be let out to do their morning business. why come to me? David was right there. Oh, yeah, they can't wake him up as easily as they can wake me up.

So I did get up, it was 10 am anyway, and i let them out and it is a beautiful day-they liked it, i made coffee and turned on the radio and did all the dishes. 45 minutes later, David is still asleep and I'm upstairs doing this and drinking coffee.

the dogs are back. Pickles followed me up immediately and Peretz just stumbled up the stairs himself. I heard him pause and stumble on his way up, poor ol' guy. What is hella cute is that Pickles removed himself from the extra futon (where dogs are welcome to sleep, night and day) so Peretz could lay down on there. and so Peretz has. Pickles looks out the window. I drink coffee.

All the news that is fit to print.

1 comment:

Tatyana said...

oh god is he starting to have trouble going up the stairs? :(
poor old doggie...
how sweet of mr. pickles though
so great that they have each other