Saturday, April 10, 2010

still queasy, two months later

saturday-feel too restless to actually go back to sleep, although i did enjoy relaxing in bed with Pickles, taking off his collar, stroking and massaging his neck and soft chest. Peretz paces around expectantly, even though I did let them both out back to pee and whatever about a half hour ago. Does he want kibble or more outdoor time? i half don't care, feeling ambivalent. too lazy to get up and start cleaning, which i'd like to do today, in anticipation of Kid's visit next week. Bricker has piles of dust, dirt and debris, starting with my bedroom which has piles of dirty and clean clothes piled about as well as sticky spots on the floor where vitamin e capsules were squished.

meanwhile, when i am really thinking about things to do i think about my yard, how i should rake up all the dog poo to arrest total back yard stink (and peretz's bad habit snacking) and thatch the front yard to encourage grass growth, plant more ambience in the front yard strip between street and sidewalk -its ugly as hell right now- and pick up all the dead sticks, gathering them for next year's kindling. i get so hung up thinking about the gravel from the neighbor's driveway which was plowed into an ugly pile in my yard and left there over the snow months and the yukky berry vines that have taken over a patch of the backyard that i get stuck in my tracks and cannot actually make a move on any yard project.

besides all this, i just want to sew more clutterables and do another zine. guess i'll just lay down and think about making coffee eventually

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Tatyana said...

love your writing
Peretz had a poo snacking habit, huh?
love to hear about dogs, your plans, and your yard