Sunday, July 18, 2010

David Blames the Dress

Yesterday David and I adventured to New Hampshire to a lake he used to spend days at when was a kid. I was nice albeit I wished I had an innertube to play with in the water. I love the whole playing in waves thing and although I grew up swimming on lake ontario as a kid, I enjoyed swimming in calm water but I really want to play more, have some action. I remember as a kid we would row a boat out deep and throw in something which sinks to the bottom and then jump in and try to find it. I like that game. Or we would swim out to Weber's anchored raft and climb aboard and then enjoy jumping, diving, pushing off of it. That is fun as well.

As David and I drove around the lake, there was many rafts anchored around for play and people waterskiing and jetskiing. I was tempted to jetski even though, yuk, the expenditure of gas and the noise is repellent but seeing them on the lake made me miss boating and that seems fun. More fun perhaps would be riding an inflatable object pulled by a speedboat. then you are in the water and boating as well. yay.

On the way back I was worried about my bedroom windows letting in the rain from a huge storm we were headed into which looked Greenfield bound. Once we got home I saw that it wasn't a problem. I was going to read but I crashed out immediately. I just read David's blog of yesterday and enjoyed it greatly. I laughed out loud at his reference of blaming the dress for the storm. He was referring to a dress I had bought in Hawaii. One day he and I were just walking around Honolulu and were caught in a very dramatic rainstorm which drenched us to the bone, completely. As it waned we saw a very cool second hand clothing store where I was able to buy this dress to relieve me of my very wetness. Now I very rarely wear this dress, I don't think I look as good in it as I do a pair of shorts and a tee but it was nice to just slip it on after our beach day. David blames the dress for the rainstorm.

In other clothing news I bought Kid two pairs of black levis (one jeans, one cords), both as a result of looking for brown or red or rust colored jeans. He picked out 30 length and 32 waist. After buying those I found BBQ color (brown) levis on amazon and mistakenly ordered him 32 length and 30 waist! dumb ol mom. I have to laugh because 30 and 32 are very close in size-does it really make a difference? Of course it does to a 17 yr old guy. I told him that of course I will exchange them (kind of a drag with amazon!) but first would he please put them on and walk around in them to see if they are actually ok? he said he would. I remember seeing him in the 32 waist pants and he pulled the pants quite a bit away from his belly so I don't think he does need a 32 waist. But he is going to be a senior in high school! Every pair of pants needs to be perfect.

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