Friday, July 30, 2010

oh kingstown, from the ocean you're all kinds of ugly

Queasy on theboat, should return diwnstars, still feels wavy. Sign on dock said 2-3 feet andon the way from the pArking lot I asked a kid who just had gotten off the boat, "is it wavy?" he looked at me blankly. Not knowing whether he was foreign or just teenager, I made wave gestures with my hand and asked, "very wavy?" that sort of shook him out of his luggage-pulling stupor. "no,
not so bad." he managed a smile.

Now i know why he was smiling! He thought he was lulling the old lady with the weak stomach into a big queasy surprise later! I seemany people on the millenium with their Friday evening beers but not me until I get to cb's. Toste doesn't want to drive to OB and I don't blame her. I'm happy to take the #13 into tisbury (I had to call & ask Kid what number bus) to please toste and save her aggro. This means I'm the bringer for CB's byob cocktail party. When he called me to ask if I could also tote a $5 nonmerlot red (his request) I didn't feel too guilty sending him to the natural foods sectionof his local stopy's to puck mr up numerous cans of hanson to match my Kentucky whisky.

That doesn't sound so great now, the cocktail, as I sit on the fast ferry enduring oceanicswells and engine fumes. Earlier I went out on deck and the mad breeze exposed my belly to other ferry-goers so I daren't go
back outside. The teens in the row before me lull me with their pc viewing of a "friends" episode

forgive all typos and nonsense phrasing. I am using my iph and will edit later.

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