Monday, September 06, 2010

i like this and i like that

Today I did some relaxing in a hammock and although it was hella pleasant, I kept thinking of things that made me a bit sad and regretful. Overall, though, it was a lovely weekend and I don't mind the next week. I really want to get a lot of work done at work this week before I take my birthday week off. I am happy to anticipate the vacation and would like every minute before it commences to drag slowly so I can enjoy the birthday lead up. Soon it will be over and I won't be able to look forward to the birthday vacation for a while. at least until February, when i will be able to happily anticipate DbR's 40th birthday vacation week. whoo hoo.

I saw this and stole it from Cooper's fb page. I really like it, it makes me happy to see my son doing the music recording. He is living the life I am pleased to have him live. He seems to be pleased as well and I think that is all very good.

so, to sum up, life isn't so terrible as we begin to enjoy this, my favorite month.

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