Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Adventuresome Humpday

Things which have happened to me so far today:
I wore a white shirt and looked really great with a vest but after I got to work and sat with myself quietly for a time I could smell old BO on the shirt which I have had for a while and wash as frequently as any other neatnick like myself. I then sprayed myself a little bit with CVS lemongrass and grapefruit scented body spray and now I cannot stand myself. yuck.

I corrected a co-worker who had sent out a company-wide email with misspellings IN THE SUBJECT LINE, causing her to unsend the lot and write a do-over.

I referred to myself as "small potatoes" and kvetched about a co-worker's arrogance.

I had a nice hotdog and greens plate at Hope and Olive for lunch. Read the police reports aloud to Val and had a good ol' time. Then drank a double espresso which was not at all bitter.

Looking forward to watching some more dvd episodes of West Wing tonight.

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