Sunday, February 20, 2011

no longer a honeymoon..

David and I have joined his parents and his brother+brother's gf in a small compound inland from kailua bay. Kitchen counterspace is miniscule and the sink is a single. There are only three "glasses" and none very interesting or cocktail-worthy although 2 match and can be tolerated. There is no shotglass nor can i find the black garbage can outside, as is advertised.

However, my bed is comfortable and there are 2 bathrooms. Close by is Kailua Bay which was the best swimming I've had since September at Cape Cod and that vacation had turned out rather dreary at times, for swimming purposes. So yesterday, when David, his parents and I arrived at Kailua Beach Park, after finding no parking at the closer by Kalama Beach Park, I found myself ripping off clothes and tossing possessions aside to thrust my body into the gentle, welcoming and playful waves that folks were already enjoying. The water here covers the most wonderful cream-colored sand and I found only exultation at this swimming location. It was religious. David, Jim and Shirley also were swim-happy.

Afterwards we went to Rai Rai Ramen, a nearby noodle joint and found satisfying bowls of soup, except for Jim who only had shumai. After he and I tasted David's chicken curry soup, we both vowed we would get that next time, although my spicy pork and tofu soup was damn fine.

David fetched his brother and the neighborhood suffered a brown out. This morning the newly arrived Texans woke me while suffering from their jetlag. At 6 am or so they were escorted to a sunrise location by the Russells. I cleaned up the kitchen and cut up the pineapple in anticipation of their return. Also made another pot of coffee for David if he ever emerges from his separate 'snore quarters'. Listening to the new Radiohead, per Sal's tip.

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