Sunday, April 24, 2011

first time for (almost) everything

Yesterday, I really needed to clean the bathroom at the Bricker. It looks great, except now there are little ants invading but we'll deal with them later. While cleaning the bathroom, other areas nearby suddenly became adjacently cleaned and I found these.

I've had these for years, I'm not even sure where I did get them-- could have it been Hampshire College? I have many odds and ends from doing the end of the semester clean up back when I worked at the school store. Anywho, I've held onto them and just for a giggle, and because I've always intended to, I decided to put them on ebay to see if I can get a dollar or two.

I've purchased from ebay but I've never sold. First, I looked up to see if there were any for sale already, there wasn't. Then I searched for them on google and found an old listing of someone selling them on ebay on March 30 and they got 35 pounds. That seemed like a good deal. So I listed them.

I've gotten 10 views and one question: "How much would it cost to ship these to argentina?" answer $20, but no offers. Is that the way it goes, will I get all the offers at the end of the 7 days? Will I get my 35 pounds sterling? Should I have waited until Paul does something like play at the royal wedding or get married or divorced again before listing these? I would like to get that money and relieve my house of just one thing it doesn't need. Stay tuned.

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No Stand In Will Do said...

booo I sold this but only for $12.50 plus shipping and ebay took their 79c cut.
at least I got more than $10, I guess. I did get the flipflops for free, originally...