Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bat Killing at the Bricker

It's been a while, I think because I had some finishing work done on the Bricker and all of the trim is covering up the holes in the walls and doorways which used to be exposed, but we had a bat in the house tonight. I was up reading a book in the quiet of my bedroom when something flew by and I saw it was a bat. A large one. I screeched and squealed and Pickles, who had been asleep on the couch nearby, was immediately up and alert and barked continually but not in his largest voice (thankfully). I scrounged off the bed and wriggled into the hallway, afraid of being hit in the head or bare skin by the bat in a goofy little scaredy cat way. The bat seemed to have a large wing span and flew close to my head. I didn't like it. While I was in the hallway I tried to think of a save the bat plan but before anything came to mind (open window and remove myself and dog from room?) Pickles fell silent and nothing was flying any longer. The carcass was very large. I am sad he wasn't able to be saved from Pickles' nature and my unsteady inaction. Maybe next time.
Tired after the Hunt.

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