Wednesday, December 26, 2007

drive and drive and drive..drove

It's that nice time when it's still the first night Kid has come, the dog is walked, we have fressed and are satisfied to be just hanging around the downstairs together. There are days of togetherness ahead and we are mellow. Kid has brought his tiniest of tiny amps, guitar and new pedal. I have gifted to him another pedal and he has them all hooked up and is noodling on them while im-ing with the galpals south of here.

My drive down to the cape was uneventful and the drive back was pleasant with the coversation about music, always about music, and a little bit about kids and school and the weekend to come and...where are we going for dinner?

The Sierra Grille, of course. We both got the pork medallions with sides of mac and cheese and potatoes.

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