Saturday, December 29, 2007

interesting quotes and tiring facts

Argh. I was hanging out by the desk with Kid and I could hear the dog in the kitchen dicking around which I foolishly ignored until *bang! *crash! and I saw that the creature had nudged the coffee can filled with chicken oil off the counter all over the floor so he could drink the elixir. Just something else to clean up.

"I'm totally bringing my guitar and going over to Coko's house and playing Sonic Youth songs." My Kid says excitedly as he goes upstairs for a shower. I've already given him the starfucker talk so what else can I do? Of course the situation is much much less superficial than this paragraph. Last night we went to a movie with his galpals (including aforementioned friend) and during the movie one character plays Sonic Youth covering the Carpenters to turn on the main character, Juno, to music he thinks she may like.

Sidenote: Why is it (and I don't really mean to phrase this as a question as I know the answer) that most court and dance in this day and age, amongst people I know and assimilate with, includes a great deal of music talk? My hands smell like fried chicken oil from the cleanup.

So our protagonist, Juno, comes back to see this guy and they get into an argument culminating in her accusation, "And I bought a Sonic Youth album and its just noise!"
which made me and the Kid chuckle. Later he repeated the quote to Coko and she agreed, "It is!"

The Kid asked me to spell Thelonious for him today and I believe I put the second O in the wrong spot. oops.

I think I need to get out of this drippy house.

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