Saturday, January 19, 2008

calling DbR on his bullshit

so, I know this guy and he told me that he never eats in the morning, just drinks coffee, he even said that eating in the morning makes him want to vomit. So, I believed him, why wouldn't I?

We were just hanging around the kitchen, he and I, waiting impatiently for his pokey coffee machine to finish making our favorite elixir and I idly fetched myself a Elm Farm cider donut which I believe he had purchased in anticipation of our Saturday morning together and started to nosh while carefully portioning out the little bit of half and half my barbaric host had in the house this morning.

Soon, after, he followed suit, taking a donut up for himself and eagerly devoured it. What the heck? What happened to, "I don't eat in the morning, it makes me want to throw up."?

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dbr said...

The thing is, I can eat just fine if I do some exercise first, normally don't do that.