Friday, January 18, 2008

I guess it's worth a shot

My desk at work sits in the middle of a strange anteroom which has become the crossroads for 5-6 coworkers who's offices all stretch around me at different angles and generally are connected to the rest of the building through my "office" room to the snack room/hallway.

So, I can be distracted many times a day while sitting at my desk just by people going by to the bathroom or the snackroom or just by them leaving their areas. I like it sometimes because I am in on things that are happening but then sometimes I am very annoyed, like when people are caught in conversation in my hallway area and continue talking over my head, sometimes about work (annoying enough), sometimes about personal stuff (can be completely annoying, depending on the subject, sometimes about clients (hideously annoying)and do not keep moving along, out of my earshot. So, this is my plight.

Just now two nurse practitioners, people who are rarely in my area and even rarely together, were caught in the LMc work area vortex. They were talking about their own crap and it wasn't interesting but strangely enough, I wasn't 100% annoyed. I was actually a little bit turned on, goosebumps were raised on the back of my neck and I could feel the hair on the small of my back and forearms sort of do a little chilly thing that was very pleasant. I had a little shivery feeling and I liked it very much. I didn't want them to stop and go away. I slowly filled the envelopes with the checks and enjoyed the sensation for a good 10 minutes. I like it a lot. And I don't like too much.

After they finally broke it off, one of them asked me for some paperwork which is purely clinical in nature which I do not have one iota, not even the barest smidge to do with. I turned her away and tried to relive the shivery chill. Couldn't do it.

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