Wednesday, January 09, 2008


A therapist just breezed by my desk and noticed the smallest twig of a spider plant in a small vase, trying to sprout roots. Referring to last summer and fall when I often brought in single smallish flowers and put them on the desk, also in the tiny vases, she commented on how much she loved my minimalist plant life. I smiled and thanked her, appreciating the kudos for sure because I too, love the small and that is why I have the small.

"But then, look up at this." She said, gesturing to the cork board that expands above and by my head and over the desk. It was strewn with all sorts of bright and big, photos, drawings, candy boxes and work-related charts and graphs. "It's quite the dichotomy." I looked up at my bulletin board. I liked it very much, especially the picture of William Shatner as Kirk thinking, "I love Lauri."

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