Wednesday, January 09, 2008

pack rat vs. magic objects

I just overheard a senior aide where I work tell someone about her son who throws some of her stuff away at home.

"You don't need this, mom!" She imitated him. "Then I just go over to the trash and get it right out. If he throws it back in, I get it back out again."

"You need to hope the trashman doesn't come before you can get it.." The woman she was speaking to asserted.

"Sometimes he does, you know." She told her with some dignity, humor and regret.

One often hears about the packing and saving of too much stuff by folks which is a major burden for their families during their lifetime and definitely after their death. Some packrats have valuable items mixed in with total and utter trash, which makes cleaning up difficult and time-consuming. Argh. What a drag. I've had a couple friends who had to deal with such projects.

But on the other hand, it is so sad to think this little ol' lady just wants to keep this or that and these items are tossed by her unfeeling son. Where is the happy medium, I wonder. Don't throw away my stuff, Kid!

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