Friday, January 04, 2008

I am Rudolph

I have a friend who is slightly obsessed with taking pictures and he is in between cameras right now. I wish I had been more attentive to the situation and given up something I am obsessed with in sympathy, sort of like a lover's lent. But the opportunity came and went and I again am just all ideas, no follow through. What would I have given up that would be somewhat in the same league? Booze, etc. probably is the closest thing. Maybe my car, but that would prove ill-advised with these 2 degree days and work-oriented errands..

Sidenote: the dog just decided to visit with the cat over by the window but she didn't welcome him. Quite the opposite, she slashed at him and I think she may have made contact because he is now licking his paw and rubbing his big nose.

I guess I could give up wearing jewelry. I am always adorning myself with things that I think are pretty. I would feel a little out of sorts without the Carol. Give up sugar and all sweets. ugh, that's too Lent-y. Perhaps tv, especially if the writer's strike ever lets up. Maybe I am not a tv whore but it offers a kind of safety net. Maybe heat. I would keep the heat down in The Bricker to 55 for the whole time. Oh, I already do that.

Give up the things you love.

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