Monday, January 14, 2008

Newsflash: Woman BLown Away By Lover's Comment

Work today-eh. I managed to break loose and come to Northampton. David was cooking dinner and listening to music, the lovely usual. I sat down at his table and demanded a drink while setting up some bobbleheads and donut fixtures. He accomodated me while continuing to cook and linger about the kitchen. I really love sitting at the little table in the little room. There is usually a bowl of garlic and olive oil with some bread sitting around for smart eaters. I show my brains.

After a little while he tells me about the spicy sausage he had in the oven, the sweet potato-onion-chile side dish and arugula I had to anticipate for our dinner. It appears and we joke about this and that while enjoying our food. Afterwards, Peretz asks for a walk and DbR rises to do his dog thing.

"Was the food up to standard?" He asked between after dinner kisses. I decided to be honest.

"It was delicious but the meat was a little overdone. I'm really sorry to say that.." I tried diplomacy but I have the reputation as the TruthNazi so what can I do?

"It was your sparkling personality that distracted me." He admitted. This blew my mind.

"What?" I stammered. "But I'm nothing and food to you is could I possibly rate in such a way?" I didn't know what to think, how to feel. David overcooked meat because of me? Is that my fault or his? How could he be so fallible? What the hell?

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