Monday, January 14, 2008

'cause I'd never want to make you change for me

Here it comes again. Sore throat. Snow on the roof. Dog outside whimpering. Good thing the coffee is reassuring. I'd like to go back to bed, feeling less than enthusiastic about being professional at this time.

I like karaoke, always have, always will. Dragged the boyf out last night to the Rendezvous. It was fun, the whole gang from Hope and Olive were there and I like my peops. They've successfully fooled me into believing they like me too. I'm okay with that. I sang Billy Squier's "Lonely is the Night" which had some enjoyable challenges. It was fun and seemingly amusing for the group to observe. After a little bit they let me come back up and sing another song. I sang Todd's "Hello, It's Me" which I have always wanted to do but never felt "vocally secure" enough to pull off. Last night I just went for it, believing my singing voice to have become sterling since falling in love recently and I managed it alright. Some of the lyrics felt right for the moment. Afterwards, I cruelly made fun of a goofball. That felt almost as satisfying.

Dog is running around with the Kong in his mouth. Snow is sliding off the roof. DbR has a pretty nice voice. Future looks good. Today is pretty nice too.

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