Saturday, January 12, 2008

photos of mineself: fact or fiction

I've been hanging pretty regularly with this guy who takes photos all the time, like, constantly...almost as a reaction to the world, this guy shoots digital bullets right and left. Of course, due to our proximity, I find myself featured in a fair amount of his (and his friend's) pics. Some of them are nice, some are okay and of course, some are hideous. I've even asked for editing priviledges, however minimally.

Finally, the odds were with me. Due to the sheer volume of his shooting, there comes the perfect picture of me. It shows my quirky okay looks, my quirky pleasant personality and the quirky art-loving writer/inquisitor part of me, which is the part of me that keeps me somewhat tolerable as a friend/fellow-human.

Here it is. Thanks, DbR

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