Thursday, January 31, 2008

Slight Disagreement with DbR about Donuts

See Jan 31 post by David. For a quick reference, click on "this week's dark obsession" link to the left. yeah, over there. that's right.
I don't think the buttercrunch really is "spectacular". Sure, it's good, but it lacks a certain crunchiness. The glaze around the donut is crunchy with a small sprinkling of nuttiness but not the comprehensive nutcover that I would like.
I'm not saying I want wall to wall nuts like the crap cardboard buttercrunch of DD but I could use a little bit more crunchy nuttiness.
I will post further when I find the form of buttercrunch donut.
Meanwhile, he mentions the maple frosted raised donut which I feel deserves more lauding than he gave. The whole maple frosted genre of donuts deserves a following not unlike Jesus Christ's following, circa...shoot, when was he most popular? Ok, I lost the thread of that parallel but for christ's sake go out right now, get in your car and seek out fried dough with a maple frosting. you won't regret it. And, may I mention that Adams Donuts only had one maple frosted donut left when we arrived there to purchase at 8:55 am? 'nough said.


dbr said...

I actually enjoy the understated crunchiness, but it's the complex butterscotch flavor that makes it a real winner.

No Stand In Will Do said...

a winner? this is not a contest nor a sporting event.

but, bring back the buttercrunch. I want another shot at that butterscotch taste..