Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Ice Treachery Of Greenfield

I was walking my dog on Thursday-it was sunny and beautiful. I had just finished talking to DbR on the phone and exclaimed about how lovely it was and I slipped on some ice which had formed on the snow left behind on someone's sidewalk. I slipped and as I went down I heard and I felt a firm *snap*! and I immediately feared the worst. I lay on the sidewalk moaning a little bit and trying to adjust to the state of affairs, the dog sitting next to me, my hand still wrapped in his leash.

I was bummed.

Later, I was told by the xray that my left ankle was broken in 2 places.

I'm being cared for by my big sonic nurse. Thank you cards can be sent to David Russell, 74 Conz St # 2, Northampton.

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