Monday, January 28, 2008

Very Selfish Lady

I'm involved with someone who has an extensive collection of photos on a flickr account and a very vibrant blog and I'm finding that as he and I become more and more caught up in each other's lives, his previous life of blogging and flickr has changed a bit in their scope and content. There have been comments and blogs all attributed to the pros and cons of his changing world wide web presence and I can't help but feel a little responsible.

Little did I know that a month ago or so when I first met this guy and started chasing him with the sole purpose of kissing and joking with him that there would be a ripple effect felt in the wide pool of his friends, acquaintances and web friends and acquaintances, not to mention family! Should I cut things off with this person so that he can get back to his internet good work? Am I destroying his artistic creativity with my company? For the good of all, should we separate? What a bizarre situation.


dbr said...

Honestly, dear, it's much more overwork, exhaustion, illness than anything to do with you. In any case, time spent with you is a perfectly worthwhile art project in its own right, don't worry about it.

NCavillones said...

no because he has enough pictures and blog posts to last him and us a lifetime. maybe now he'll have something more to write about than just what peretz did on his walk today. ha ha.

No Stand In Will Do said...

Nancy, you're awesome and funny, thank you. Although, truth be told, I am interested in what Peretz did on his walk~but, again, you are my new ---no, I am your disciple.