Sunday, January 27, 2008

"This torch that I found..."

There is a movie that is total schlock but I love it. I'm watching it right now and it makes me really happy. I should go: walk the dog, do my job, clean my room, etc. but I just want to sit here and watch Ray Liotta play Frank Sinatra.

Good ol' dog. He just wants to play and make it clear he is the stronger dog, the alpha dog. Peretz is not following that line of reason nor that dog-ssertation. He may not necessarily want to be alpha, he just wants to have his own space and quiet. He is a fine dog. I hope this struggle doesn't fuck him up.

I made 24x3 ginger cookies and a 2 layer chocolate cake. I think everything turned out okay. I hadn't actually baked in a long time..since before xmas. I had to buy a $12 mixer as mine had crapped out...a while ago. I can't remember when I broke that thing but it was the last time I made cookies and I don't remember when that was. I remember making the apple pies around Thanksgiving. I never made the cut out cookies for xmas so it must have been in November. Anyway, I was making the cake and with the handmixing I couldn't convince the butter to smooth out mix in. Then! after using it for the cake and then for the ginger cookie dough (kind of a heavyduty mixture) it started to get all engine-quitty on me during the frosting job. stupid $12 mixer. I was going to get the $18 black and decker but I could see that it didn't have the flat beaters which I favor, it only had the whisk-y type tube-y beaters.

I love how the Dean Martin character answers his wife when she asks, "Who do you talk to, tell your deep thoughts to?" He says: "In order to tell someone your deep thoughts, you have to have deep thoughts."

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