Saturday, January 26, 2008

Why are Men such Babies?

Did I ever blog here about how perfectly lovely my New Year's Eve was? I spent it with DbR who, in response to my request, made chicken soup and we had some nice times in front of the tv set which played Ginger Rogers/Fred Astaire movies and we had a nice time.

The reason I had requested chicken soup was because I felt like I was coming down with a cold, I was feeling a little stuffed up and wanted that yummy soup cure and it was great. I have been fighting off a form of congestion ever since. It comes and goes, sometimes I feel very stuffy and sometimes I feel pretty good, it is as if I have been balancing on the "could get a full-blown cold" fence all month.

Now, I have been pretty stoic about it. Since it never got really hellish-the worst has been while sleeping I couldn't get a whole breath because there is always a block of expectorate hanging around, like a curtain behind my face-I never really got to moaning and groaning and complaining too badly. Also, I wanted to please my new lover and no one likes a complainer.

Who's complaining now? The abovementioned companion has capitulated to some sort of bug and all I hear about from him is how awful he feels, waah waah waah. I really thought I was kind of a big baby but I am a tightlipped phlegmatic pioneer woman compared to this guy!


dbr said...

Have I mentioned I feel like shit?

NCavillones said...

men turn into whining bitches when they are sick!

No Stand In Will Do said...

for reals, Nanc! I am quite positive you will have less complaints on your birthing bed than he has had these past couple of days!

NCavillones said...

better believe it. my theory is that physical pain humbles men, while emotional pain cripples women.