Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Ya gotta hit the wall sometime

Hello, Lucky Table, you're the luckiest people here. Hello, Lucky Table, order yourself some beer and we will entertain you, we'll laugh and sing all night. Our advise to you is, get in with the wrong, forget about the right.

Full Disclosure's got me down. Like the wrong pillow under my head brings my bulging disc to heated discomfort, so this trip down reality lane wrings the juice out of my hope melon. "we will entertain you, we'll laugh and sing all night"

1 comment:

dbr said...

Oh, chin up, pumpkin.

What you were witnessing wasn't reality, just phantoms of a peculiarly obsessive moral imagination. Like tidy corners, in my mind, anyway.

What's really on the table, I'll show you that later, if you want.

Right now I'm going to get back to cleaning my kitchen floor, catch you later, I hope.