Wednesday, February 20, 2008

candy day, candy land

At work I am the purchaser, which includes the bimonthly task of going out to BJs or wherever and buying 4 or 5 big bags of candy which I then empty into a box, mix up thoroughly and place in my boss, the CEO's, candy basket in her office. People from the immediate office vicinity and even others from distance office locales all descend upon the candy basket, usually around this time of day looking for a chocolate pick me up.

I usually get twizzlers or even some other kind of fruity candy as it is what I favor and it is nice to have a change of flavor, next to the chocolate onslaught. Today, at long last, I dragged a coworker along and we went to the BJs. We bought some easter egg-y type treats, as well as the usual favorites and for the fruity candy I saw and grabbed a large container of Sunkist fruit gems, five different colors of soft fruity gel candy-ness. These were the ones I took a few of back to my desk after coming back to the office and shaking all the candy down into the basket. Word got out and peops started filing in looking for a treat, the basket having been depleted a week or more ago.

My other boss came in. "Candy, candy, who's got the candy?" she sang and swung into the office. I heard her exclaim and catch her breath as she saw the goods. It was quite dramatic. "What? Why did you just make that noise?" I called to her. She came out, grinning. "Remember when you left to go buy candy and you asked me if there was anything special I wanted? Well, I was going to ask you to get these." She showed me a couple of green fruity gems.

"Oh my god, that is amazing!" I agreed.
"Thanks a lot, Lauri!" She said with sincerity and took off down the hall with a hand full.

That's why I'm here.

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