Wednesday, February 20, 2008

smushed toes

My toes are squeezed into sneakers with my aircast and it doesn't feel great. I guess I may just take the sneaker off while I am at work.

When I got to my desk this morning at work, there was a small box of Dots, anonymously left by someone who knows my proclivity. Touched my heart.

In other news, I find from my roofing guy that I should replace 1/3rd of my roof. It is the very top part which is flat and untold years old and very worn. The rest of the roof is at an angle and has lovely slate on it, which is doing very well. But this top part holds onto the snow, sleet and suchlike and ergo, the leak, the drip. He thinks I should replace this flat top with a sturdier material with a longer life than the crap which is up there now. I don't doubt he is right about this. Even though he did some repair/patch work on the area of the leak out there, the drip continues. Now I am worried about the inside of the roof bit. What's the damage in there? How does one tell? There is no crawl space where the drip commences and so I am baffled as to how one would go about repair work in this area. I suppose my bedroom ceiling can be removed/replaced in the obtainment of securing this obscure area. Something to think about.

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