Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I can't make a good cup of coffee to save my life

I've been going through an unfortunate stage where I can't quite get my coffee dimensions right in the pot and my cups of joe turn out too strong or a little bit..not right. I hope I turn the corner regarding this situation soon.

Meanwhile, my ankle is getting better. I am toddling about without crutches and can even go without the cane I have acquired. I like to have the cane, though. Today I will try to drive to work using my left foot to shift gears. That'll be interesting. Let's hope I can get the car out. Last night the boyfriend couldn't quite lift it off the ice. It would suck if this continues true this morning. argh.

Lastly, in my bedroom, there is a leak in the ceiling coming from the roof-either a broken slate or perhaps the skylight is fucked, I don't know because I am no roofer. My roof is atop a large 3 story house and it scares me to think of someone up there but it must happen. The dripping is getting worse and it definitely dampens my enjoyment of sitting in bed reading. Sure, I can still enjoy my book but every so often (about every 10 drips or so), I get distracted by the water flow and start to worry and fret. Well, I finally called the roofer and he said he'd come over this afternoon. I won't be here to witness the ascent but I will be worried about it all day long. I said to the guy, "Be careful. I know you know your business but when I think of someone way up there, I get a little worried." He said thanks and hung up.

"Jealous Guy" by John Lennon keeps playing in my head, thanks to the piped in music at Rein's Deli last Sunday afternoon.

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