Sunday, November 09, 2008

and you know about my interest in u.s. presidents and their families..

Just a thought about the united states for a minute. Slowly, as I get used to the idea that O actually did win and that the society in which I live actually is “better” than I gave it credit for, I start coming to startling and hopeful ideas. Maybe we American humans can start actually looking at each other, perhaps being more friendly and less antagonistic to each other. If this certain man was elected in by us united states citizens, maybe my fellow citizens aren’t the assholes I’ve believed them to be for the past forever.

Was I still hopeful back when Clinton was president? When did I become so jaded? Can I retrieve my non-jadedness? I think Clinton was just a quick relief, a good ol’ boy who fit in the u.s. presidential cookie cutter in a not great way. I like him and I have more respect for him now, I think, than when he was president, but while he was president, I certainly wasn’t renewed with hope for my country and awakened with astounding ideas of unity and fellowship the way I have been because of O’s election.

There’s a chance, a very happy exciting chance, that we right thinking awakened people can perhaps grab back this country and make it less of a killing belligerent monster that it has become under BushJr’s watch and, in the big picture, which it has become post ww2. Can I actually open my hope chest?

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