Monday, November 10, 2008

weird day

i'm cold and i tried to snuggle up with my husband but Pickles got in between us and it became awkward so i got up, flossed the teeth and came upstairs to my lovely bed which has plenty of room for me. cold though. that situation will rectify once i get down under.

today i went to yoga and it started out pretty nice even though there were some new girls who sat filing their nails and doing their hair while waiting for the class to begin. i always lay down in shavasana to calm my worried mind as well as i can before the class starts. these gals were not doing that. they were newbies. the blond gal next to me kept glancing over at me which i generally hate but i was able to tune her out alright. the class is an hour and a half long and by the 8th or so pose (out of 22) i was feeling weaker and more nauseous than usual. this continued the rest of the class and it never occurred to me that i had low blood sugar but i did and my energy ebbed and i only did one pose out of every two or so. it sucked. anyway, this is boring but i had planned on blogging once a day and right now this is what i am thinking about. when i first got to yoga and was just chilling on the floor noticing the other yoga practisers doing their non-yoga prep i was thinking about how i should write an essay about how strange people are with their workouts. it seems to me that if you go to the yoga class you should or, well, you might want to get in the mood, to wholly immerse yourself in the mindset of the Bikram practice once you get into the room and are about to start but i guess one has to come to that realization on their own. or not. i just find it distracting when people are distracted. i guess i'm a little bit of a yoga nazi. i'm sure i was distracting today when i was pacing around wondering what the hell was wrong with me when all i needed was a little vitamin water.

i know, whats wrong with me? i've only been a diabetic for 28 years, seems like i'd know the symptoms, right? well, i tested my blood sugar before the class and the meter read 300 which is hella high, that should keep me fine through an hour and half of major sweating. but either the test was incorrect or that insulin i had taken 3 hours earlier suddenly hit. that's unlikely. the test was wrong. in the car after the class i tested 72! yoink. i got home ok and there was chili and biscuits waiting which is always nice.

so thats my dumb post for this weird day. there is more that made it weirder but its personal and who knows, my mom could be reading this.

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