Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My bras always seem too small

Today I had my teeth cleaned for the first time in twenty years. As I wrote before, there is much calculus which needed to be chipped away by the periodonal assistant. She was very nice. I felt the need to apologize for the gross plaque and for the need for her assiduous care. She used an instrument which sprayed a laser sharp stream of water onto my teeth and gums and I had to have the water (and blood!) sucked up by the vacuum straw again and again. The left side of my mouth was so numb that I kept feeling like I was drooling all over her and myself and I may have been but she was very kind and assured me repeatedly that all was well.

There were times when the laser stream was uncomfortable against my gum or I was simply swept away in the small panic of mouth care. It was then that the yoga practice I have been involved in came very much into play and proved extremely useful. When the dentist was in with the big Novocaine needle I was nervous and at other times during the scraping and planing I could feel myself get a little anxious. During those times (and in general during the procedure) I would look up at the drop ceiling and pick a spot in particular and breath in and out through my nose with deliberation. This usually worked to mellow me out and also to give me the needed oxygen. If I still needed mellowing I would count my breaths, not going over two- also helped me to notice that my brow or face was scrunched up and who needs that? I would smooth out the whole package with precise prana.

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