Thursday, November 13, 2008

wow i almost spaced out...

...blogging today! I've sort of set as a goal an everyday/blog November, like I did last year on nomoblolo or whatever that website is. I noticed immediately that DbR blogs every day easy, doesn't have to even try, it seems, to blog two sometimes three times a day. I can sort of get like that, take an easy once a day but today, well, good thing blogger is on cali time.

today was annoying at work but the smoke cleared after lunch. one of my bosses sent me an email requesting a bottled water and candy run. that makes me laugh. then i walked down the cold drizzly street to do a bank run, which was fine since I bundled up and had my rain hat. sure, it wasn't as great as a September afternoon running into Thurston Moore kind of walk down the street but it was interesting and gives me a template upon which to compare those sweet summer afternoons.

then i went to yoga and it was a drag driving down the drizzly dark fiveten. the class was worth it though-sure i couldn't do standing head to knee but my camel kicks ass and everything gets thoroughly charged from that. bacon sandwiches for dinner rounded out the domestication of me.

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