Saturday, July 04, 2009

Dog Day FOUR sure

Always the entrepeneurs, Pickles and Peretz borrowed Roddy the rotweiler's truck to make a firecracker (and I do
mean "cracker") run into NH this morning. For some reason they felt they needed to go undercover so they referred to each other as "Coldcut" and "Toothpick" during the run. I don't know how they made out financially, they never talk about those affairs to me or DbR, but I noticed they brought back a bicycle horn, a scooter, a shiny MyMelody bracelet and an eyepatch. I guess the Greenfield town kids are equipped for today's holiday. Pickles keeps calling Peretz "Coldcut", still, and they both giggle nervously when he do.


dbr said...

Pretty sure he said "Toofpick."

Tatyana said...

love your blog
absolutely love dog adventure stories