Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Three different Groups

It is interesting, the three different groups of morning glory plants that I have growing right now are all very different. There is bunch I brought to work which is growing profusely. It is in the full sun for most of the day. The leaves and vines are very rich and strong but no flowers.

Then there is another plant in my back yard which is in the full morning sun and it growing very tall. Toward the bottom where it comes out of the planter it is more spindly with stems and branches than full of leaves. There are no flowers or any evidence of oncoming blooms.

The third plant is the shortest and has the least amount of foliage but there have been two to three flowers a day for the past week. This plant is in shade until the middle of the day and has full sun until sunset (around 12-8 pm). Is this plant going to die soon and has to throw out its flowers in an attempt to procreate? Perhaps the other plants are robust and healthy and feel no stress nor need to bloom?

The blooms are lovely on that front porch plant. Deep rich purple.

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