Wednesday, January 06, 2010

refinance remortgage, etc

for the last few days, since Monday, I have been exchanging emails and doing online research regarding obtaining a better interest rate for the Bricker's mortgage. I also have a home improvement loan i would love to smush in and just pay less. Of course I have held onto the mindset that paying less per month is what is desired, for a shorter period of time. after a discussion with that smart guy, my husband, i see that a 15 year for only a tad more a month is actually a great option. im getting it through my head. the math, the math hold onto the basics.

i guess i always imagine the eventuality of being alone and how a lower payment is always a better payment. What if we decide we don't want to work any more and figure we can get by with the $789/month mortgage just by collecting returnables? We'll never be able to do that if the mortgage was $989, right? Husbear explained that I would never be alone again to pay that monthly mortgage and it is a given that we are way too mainstream to quit our jobs so, paying more for less time is a good option. Ok, let me at those closing costs!!

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