Friday, January 15, 2010

What Lauri is thinking about

more politics, I'm sorry. A couple of days ago it became clear to me that we (Massachusetts residents) are really in peril regarding this senatorial race! I keep hearing that the fascist Scott Brown is ahead, that we may actually end up with a republican filling Ed Kennedy's spot, which is repugnant to me and i say this with no apologies whatsoever. If my state ends up with a republican senator who hates gays, is against women and who wants us to torture and debase the beliefs that I love this state for, then I am going to do something about it.

But what? I left the state today! I will not be back to vote on Tuesday! Filled with this knowledge and horror, I thought long and hard about my options. At the Sierra Grille Thursday night, I forced myself to go from table to table reminding these 30 somethings to vote Tuesday and for all that is holy's sake, vote demo.
-- I don't love Coakley, she's a putz but what can you do? At least she loves the gays and cares about the poor! --
and around the room I went. Don't you hate it when people try to get you to sign a petition or impede your life's natural flow with their needs, beliefs, politics? I do but I became one of them last night!! People were nice, I mean, I was basically preaching to the converted, it was more of a gentle wake up call "You need to go vote if you can on Tuesday" Can, meaning, registered. Someone told me that I should vote absentee ballot which I haven't done since I voted for Walter Mondale in 1984, my first election. I was at college but was registered in Syracuse, NY and I voted absentee ballot. And we did it. I dragged Husbear to the Greenfield Town Hall at 10 am Friday morning, the last day of absentee ballots (because Monday is MLK, jr day and the town hall is closed?) and we voted for Martha.

Then we drove to Wytheville, VA with the dogs. We gave Pickles some benedryl and he looked at me all day with the accusing eyes and we stopped for dinner in Stoughton, meeting up with Conan, who is very nice to see. Now we have the dogs in a king sized bed in a La Quinta and continue our big adventure tomorrow.

I will continue to berate my Massachusetts friends to vote on Tuesday.

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