Friday, July 02, 2010

dogs sometimes bark at fireworks

Since I bought the Bricker in August 2002, I have now lived through eight Greenfield Fireworks events. You can call it nine if you want to count the one the month before the Bricker was mine, because I did endure it that year. Sal and I unknowingly found ourselves at the Peoples Pint during the fireworks and he left his very valuable book about the steamships there and it was an upsetting occasion. Then, driving out of town we were stuck in traffic. It is a yukky memory.

There have been better fireworks years. Sometimes I go to the park where people gather, I have also sat in yards on side streets adjacent to the park. I've enjoyed the fireworks with Karen, Evelyn and Karen's mom, I've experienced the fireworks with Frank and Ken, last year I went to the fireworks with David who likes a small town event. I think the park gets too crowded with people, which I don't find enjoyable and I detest getting caught in traffic. The fireworks park is just a little too far to enjoy the walk but one can park on this side of Federal Street and cut it down to an okay jaunt and if you pick the right side street one can shoot right down to wells, if you are lucky.

This year David went to Eaha for a show, leaving me home. I had just finished packing my bag for an overnight trip tomorrow when the fireworks began. I noticed from my bedroom if I looked just down the hall toward the back of the Bricker, in the direction of the train tracks, I could see some bright lights and exploding gun powder. I pulled my futon over into the position of my room where I could see the fireworks while lying down. It was no panoramic view and there was a bit of a tree in the way but for being in bed with the dog, it was a pretty great show.

Now people and traffic has livened up outside on Wells Street and Peretz is disturbed, barking at the impudence. Pickles is out in the hall outside my bedroom doorway, snoozing on a cushy dog bed. He looks comfortable.

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Tatyana said...

it sounds so nice to watch the fireworks in bed, with a pickles! i've been thinking of you