Saturday, July 10, 2010

ice cream truck

Kid is here this weekend. Today we went to a rainy park event and were able to catch a nice set by Spouse. Henning played bass in the 3 piece instead of Ken. Afterwards, Sal chatted up the band and came away with Spouse's new album. After some more running around he and I settled down in front of our computers in the dining room and he put the disc in. We were 1/5 through the first song when I heard some other weird music playing.

"What is that?" I asked. Sal heard it too and turned off the album. We heard the distinctive noisesong of an ice cream truck. Excitedly (who doesn't love door delivery of ice cream?) we jumped off our seats and ran outside, carefully not letting the dog out. The truck passed and I couldn't even see it but Kid has a nose for such things and took off down the sidewalk, yelling and waving. A block and a half away the truck finally stopped for us. Sal bought himself a cookies and cream ice cream cone and I bought myself a choco taco. I also got DbR the peanutbutter cup ice cream bar. He liked it.

I saw a funny sign advertising sour cherry italian ice. There was a picture of a cartoon kid's face puckered up with tears squeezing out. It was called "Cry baby". I almost wish I had gotten that instead of the chocotaco.

This was the first time in a couple of years that the truck went by Wells Street. No one else seemed to notice or care. It is a quiet afternoon in Greenfield.

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Tatyana said...

i love reading your blog
please write more
been thinking of you and your loveliness