Thursday, August 09, 2012

Bat o Rama

Today I called the bat guy and he said that bats are found in houses this time of year (mid summer) because the juveniles venture out of their lairs for the first time and don't know the way out and instead, come in.
He's been getting 4-5 calls a day to help with household bat problems. It would cost $250 to have him come in and give an assessment. He won't make the bats go away for $250. He just visits the bat home and gives a bat lowdown. "Well, I've put up with them for 10 years, I can put up with them for a while longer. I'll call you when you're less busy. See you in September." was my response.
        Cut to 2:30 this morning, I am awoken by the undeniable Pickles barking frenzy which means only one thing. No, he doesn't want to watch Sabrina again, he wants to catch the juvenile bat which is flying around the first floor. I hear David close his door with a firm non-interventionist policy and after 10 minutes of sporadic and annoying barking I get up, put clothes on and a hat, and go downstairs.
      Staying low to the floor, I run over to the window which worked for me recently and open it wide, then I grab the dog and put him on his lead, which comes inside from the back porch, just to keep him out of the way. He runs to the end of it from the kitchen and dining room, barking and being annoying. The bat circles the downstairs and once ventured up to the second floor. I crawl onto the sofa and watch the open window.
      The bat circles and circles again, going nearer and nearer to the open window. The dog, on the opposite side of the house, does not see the bat when it is circling by the window. He eventually winds down, thankfully. I find that it is his frenzy which makes the bat visit so unpleasant and stressful. If I can just get him out of the situation, I am more apt to save the bat's life.
        It takes a good 30-40 minutes and positive thinking from me but the bat does finally circle its arc tight enough and then, poof! disappears outside. Window gets closed, Pickles gets released and searches the house in vain, I take cold shower and now, to bed.

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