Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hot off the Press, Bat fools Pickles

Today around midnight I was sitting on the couch with Pickles, who was sleeping, and Peretz, who was sleeping on the floor, when I saw the familiar winged movement of a bat nearby. I tried to grab Pickles who didn't notice at first (because he was asleep) and saw that Peretz was tracking the movement of the bat as it flew around the room. That's interesting because he's sort of blind.

Pickles woke up and started mucking about wildly and I got up and opened my good luck good bye bat window and turned off the lights in the living room, turning on lights in other rooms (in an effort to keep bat in darkened room with open window). I went into the kitchen where Peretz was already hanging out, waiting to go out and pee. I put him on his line but didn't open the door (wild Pickles was still loose). Then I went to the living room where Pickles was standing on a chair next to the open window looking like he could jump out the window and get free which freaked me out (this dog is no fun to go chase around the neighborhood). I saw that he was looking out the window and next to the bookcase by the window. I saw that I also didn't notice winged creature anywhere about, moving. S/he could be behind the bookcase, hiding from crazy dog. I dragged Pickles to the kitchen and put him on his line, letting both dogs out.

I wandered around the downstairs looking around, turning on lights and nothing, no bat movement. It had only been ten minutes, not even, could the bat have really wised up that quick and got out? That would be nice. Pickles was over by the window looking for bat. I made a few more laps and then let the dogs in. I closed up the window and looked again behind the bookcase. Pickles made his rounds as well and camped out in the corner, where the bat was last seen (by him). We hung around the downstairs for another 30 minutes. No bat.
Did the bat really get out and away from Pickles, the bat killing high jumper? I'm going to bed now with that belief firm in my sleepy time reality. I like the bats' learning curve

I spoke too soon. After finishing that last entry, Pickles left the comfort of my bedroom and raced down the stairs. I heard noise and then the barking started up. I dressed and came downstairs, closing all the doors I could as I descended. Sure enough, there was the flying around, dog-tailed mess. I repeated my action, turning on lights, opening window and the bat came in the bright kitchen and went into the dark pantry, then flew back out and went out into the living room. It's again quiet. I did not see the thing get out. Can I trust it did and go back to bed? Is it again behind my furniture, ready to come back out and raise another ruckus? Perhaps I'll bring Pickles up to my room and close him in. I'm not going to leave that window open all night, though.

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