Friday, August 02, 2013

Bat Returns

Tuesday Night I was lying in bed and heard rustling downstairs on the second floor. Pickles was asleep on the couch within sight and I knew that Ada was tucked away with David so there was no explanation for that noise. I thought maybe a mouse, and then dismissed it. Pickles wasn't bothered at all. He continued loafing adorably, which is odd because he usually hears unfamiliar noises better than I do. Time came for me to descend the stairs and brush my teeth and as I approached the hallway, I saw a bat fly by in the hall. The fear was immediate and I closed my door and crawled into bed. Soon enough, I realized that wouldn't do and so came back out of bed, put on jeans and a hoodie, which I pulled down over my head securely. I again descended the stairs after closing Pickles in the bedroom. He still had no idea something was up. I didn't see the bat this time and after using the bathroom quickly, I opened the window in there and the big window in the hallway. Then I went upstairs to bed, closing doors behind me. I haven't seen the bat since.

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