Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Bedroom Bat 2

Weird, this evening I was thinking, "maybe no more bats" and then Pickles woke me up barking and in the dark I could see a bat flying around my room. My door was open and he eventually chased it away, downstairs. It took a long time, like 20 minutes while I hovered under my blanket and waited for that to happen. When it did I put on my hoody and turned on lights as I went downstairs, closing my bedroom door and then my hallway stairs door and heard him barking away. I used the bathroom and then closed that door, opening the big 2nd floor hallway window and then I crept downstairs and heard him stop barking but still rustle around looking. I opened a window in the living room and lured Pickles upstairs with ginger cookies, closing the bedroom door behind us. Bat is hiding. Dog is dissatisfied. I want to sleep.
I hope bat flies away. Seemed smaller-definitely a new visitor.

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