Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Bat Who Waited For David

I did some bat research and found that they will fly UNDER a door, through that narrow doorjamb slot under a door, if that was a way they thought would lead them to cool night air and their ultimate destination, Bug Supper. There is a storage space near by bedroom which is connected to the attic crawl space by more porous means than my bedroom and improved hallway. I took some blankets and sheets and an old full length mirror and blocked the doorjamb slot so that the bats wouldn't be able to fly from the storage space to my bedroom area. It worked well. Until last night. Around dawn, or first light rather, Pickles wanted out of my bedroom. He's been doing this daily so I let him out. After he left the bedroom, I realized my mistake and his hunting cries filled the space. I closed the door and listened for him to chase the bat downstairs, where I could open some windows and bring the dog back inside the room until morning. His cries lessened after 5 or some minutes but I could still hear him rushing around making hunting breaths. He galloped up and down the stairs looking. Having to leave the bedroom, I creeped out and saw the bat on the wall, high up, in resting position. I closed my bedroom door and the hallway door, leaving the bat alone in that area and crashed in the lounge for a couple hours. Pickles gave up his hunt and joined me until David woke up and agreed to find and release the bat after a cup of coffee and a wake up interval. When he went upstairs he found the bat had migrated to the window screen in the hall and was able to push the complaining mammal out the screen and into the wide open. The bat was sleepy and grumpy and just hung around for a little while.
This is the guy hanging onto the Bricker this morning.

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