Wednesday, February 06, 2008

"broken ankle" part 2

Have you ever gone to reach for a paperclip at your desk and the paperclip container was covered by some stray paper or envelope and you just want to cry from frustration? I just had that moment. But then, I found the paperclips and the CFO/CEO came into my office and did a funny song and dance routine and I was cheered a little bit. hurray.

When I broke my ankle last time, I didn't see my kid that much--I didn't want to drive the long distance with a broken paw and it is hard to travel in July traffic around the Cape, anyhow-So when we did hang out I was fairly healed and could get around without crutches so much-which is good-but I was still somewhat of a slowpoke for the most part. Whenever he scooted faster than I could deal with, like around Northampton or the town of Greenfield, I would call out, "Broken Ankle!" Or if he needed me to hurry up downstairs or over to the ferry boat in Woods Hole, I would plaintively cry, "Broken Ankle!" to remind him of my plight. I guess I haven't done with that excuse yet. Poor kid.

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