Monday, January 11, 2010

I love this, I love that

So I watched Neil Patrick Harris doing his thing in that 2 and a half minute musical number during tonight's episode of the best sitcom currently airing on blah blah tv right now. I had no idea that there would be a big song and dance number until it started playing on the tv this monday night.

The song was about suits and there is a huge group of people dancing and doing an elaborate choreographed routine. Toward the end there is a brace of people, all holding suits and swinging them around which tickled my fancy. "Hey, that looks like that scene during the Buffy musical." I pointed out to DbR. He agreed. There is one scene during "Once More, With Feeling" where people out on the street are dancing with their laundry while the lead guy sings, "They got the mustard out!" Those laundry folks are doing the same moves as the suit people did.

I started searching around the internet and found the name of the choreographer was Zach Woodlee who hit the big time. Right now he is doing the dance design for GLEE. I looked him up on IMDB and guess what? Yeah, he choreographed "Once More, With Feeling". I glanced through a few tv blogs and briefly read over them and no one mentioned this interesting fact. Maybe only I find it interesting.

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