Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I listen to a lot of news on the radio, npr,bbc, etc and I think hard about it. Over the weekend I heard a debate between the three candidates for Edward Kennedy's MA senatorial seat and I was really on overdrive in my brain because I found myself agreeing a little bit with each candidate, the republican, the democrat and the nutty "independent". Each one of them had an argument I agreed with a little bit. Of course when the candidate running "as an independent" made a case for cutting the budget, I knew he was talking about cutting aid to poor and disabled folks and I am strongly against that but then when he was making a case for retracting the USA's fussy tentacles from other country's business, I was completely on board. When the democrat lady spoke about the Health care bill I could agree with what she was saying but then when she was talking about the xmas terrorist being tried by the attorney general as opposed to a military tribunal, I wasn't so supportive. The republican guy supported "interrogating" this terrorist for information about what was next for the US which I don't agree with (who really supports such "interrogation"? and, what would this guy know anyway? He's just a tool) but on the other hand I do agree with not necessarily paying for this guy's legal representation and maybe a military tribunal is the place for him.

I think very hard also about the whole war on Afghanistan, which I've discussed on this blog before. Have we ("we" being the USA) really killed more than 1000 innocent bystanders with our drones, as they sought terrorists and Taliban leaders in that country (and Pakistan)? If so, that is not okay. The only reason I support this war (and I want to write "support" in strong quotation marks) is because of the way women are treated by that political system. If we are killing women, then fuck the whole thing! I rescind my support.

Right now I am listening to the radio and there is an interview about the Tea Party and there are folks on the radio who are teabaggers and I have to say that I haven't heard one thing from them that I do support. I feel pretty firm in my total dislike and repugnance of this organization.

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No Stand In Will Do said...

I don't love martha coakley but she supports gay marriage and other homosexual rights and the other two boobs are the boob-iest in the worst way so I rescind all support of the new lame republican vader-wannabe, scott brown, and the scary extreme libertarian going around with the last name kennedy. its gotta be martha for mass.